Greetings from the Armistice in Cambridge Team.

We are on the countdown to the Armistice in Cambridge event and very much looking forward to a fabulous weekend! Thanks for joining us.
To ensure the smooth running of our event and to keep all exhibitors and contributors up to date with event housekeeping – read on!

  • You can download the Armistice in Cambridge Emergency Procedures documents here. We know you will file this away BUT before you do – PLEASE READ IT and then file somewhere handy, just in case you need it!  For additional information click here.
  • Morning Briefings will be held at the INFO TENT at 8am on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Attendance is NOT OPTIONAL it is COMPULSORY.
  • Please ensure all stands, tables and activities are open and attended for business from 9am – 4pm each day.
  • We have a site map attached to help you navigate your way through the site. Please look and familiarise yourself with your placement and specific location.
  • Pack in day: The Mighty River Domain will be available for pack in and set up between 9.30am – 7pm Friday 8th November. The site will reopen for access at 7am on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November.
  • All exhibitors and participants WILL require Armistice in Cambridge accreditation. Please report to the info tent on arrival, where the team will issue you with a GREEN wristband, this will need to be worn for the duration of the event.
  • The Armistice in Cambridge Team will be identifiable throughout the event don’t hesitate to touch base if you have any concerns or questions. The INFO tent will always be resourced with people to assist.
  • At the completion of the event, please be sure to dispose of all rubbish using identified bins or take your rubbish with you as you leave. Thanks.

Parking Pointers: Anyone arriving to pack in, deliver equipment, etc will be admitted at Gate 2. You will be asked to surrender your keys in the carpark, so the vehicle can be moved if you do not return. Keys can be uplifted from the info tent. Once you have unpacked your vehicle you are free to park in the Exhibitors car park – in the camp ground, against the fence running alongside the road, as marked. This includes re-enactors and participants with non-military vehicles. All other non-related event vehicles will be directed to park at Gate 3. NO WHERE ELSE & NO EXCEPTIONS.