Managing perceptions – the impact of the gun law changes on the event.

Life is no longer what it used to be. The reality of the recent gun law changes are that we will have a far stricter regime around the transport and storage of firearms at the event, beef up security and be mindful of who can handle them. And of course a few of the guns you may have seen at previous events are now banned.

But more important is how public perceptions have changed. The public are more wary of firearms and their use, and we cant ignore this. We need to be seen as very responsible in their display and use at the event.

We have met with the NZ Police and agreed to some protocols. No firearms will be permitted to be carried around during the event by re-enactors or any others that may have them. They are to remain behind the safety of your display ropes unless being taken to and from a battle.

This will include Airsoft guns as they are very accurate replicas. Wooden guns are the exception. Guns will be stored as usual in the container and signed in and out by their owners. Any on display at the encampments will never be left unattended.

There may be a few more things we will have to do as well, but I’m sure you will agree, those listed are just good common-sense and tighten up on what we do already.