Thank you to all of our exhibitors, re-enactors, attendees and volunteers who donate so generously of your time to make this event the success that it is.  We couldn’t do it without all of you!

We are always looking to make this event bigger, better and “bangier” than previous years.  If you want to get involved, we want to hear from you! 

Check out the exhibitor information below, and get in contact using the form on this page.


Your contact person is Brad at waffen.nz@gmail.com

Re-enactment groups from any historic period are welcome to attend and take part in battle simulations. A condition is that they should be registered with a NZ based historic re-enactment society, preferably an incorporated society and carry appropriate insurances.

If the group uses guns in their displays or battles, all members must have appropriate gun licences to handle these weapons. There will be no exceptions to this.

All groups should register with us a least one month before the event, being no later than 10th October 2019. Please use the contact form provided on this page.

Please download the Safety Induction Rules HERE and sign upon entering the event. All participants will be issued a wrist band to allow for entry and exist throughout the event.

If you do not belong to a registered re-enactment group but would like to come along in military uniform with appropriate weapons for that period.  PLEASE NOTE: The same rules apply and you may not carry your firearms, be they real, replicas or Airsoft, around the grounds during the events.  No exceptions – this rule was made in consultation with NZ Police.

Vehicle Exhibitors

Space can be provided for vehicles, along with the opportunity to drive it in the daily parade and if you wish.

It can be part of a battle re-enactment, appropriate to the period and battle.

We have new safety rules that all vehicle owners will need to abide by.  Please download a copy of the rules HERE.

Your contact person is Kevin at waikato.nzmvc@gmail.com

Militaria, models and other Vendors

Contact us if you’d like to sell or display militaria items, models, bags, t-shirts, toys etc.

Limited covered space in the security controlled pavilion is available.

Tables (1.8 m x 0.6m) are available at $40 +GST per table.

Please confirm your attendance ASAP and how many tables you require with Phoebe on 07 827 4178 or email: info@lakekarapiro.co.nz

Kid’s Activity providers

We offer about 20 interactive kid’s activities. If you have an idea of one, please contact us!

The more we can offer the better.

The current activities charges range from free to gold coin to $5, depending on the activity.

For all enquiries contact Paul Watkins (Chairman) on 0274 747 285 or armisticeincambridge@gmail.com

Food Vendors

Please contact us if you wish to sell food at the events.

We have limited sites available.


Limited accommodation in permanent buildings are available including the Rob Waddell Lodge and Chalet options.

Powered and non-powered camp sites are also available for tents, campervans and caravans.  You are welcome to set up or your own re-enactor encampments.

For more information about accommodation choices, and to book your accommodation please call Karapiro directly on 07 827 4178 the Lake Karapiro Events Centre or visit their website.

Contact info@lakekarapiro.co.nz.

What Exhibitors have to say

“Thank you for a splendid event, as always! So much interesting military history and activities. Baldaquin’s NZ colonials appreciate being part of the action. Thank you to the organisers and participants.”

Andria G.

Baldaquin NZ Colonials

“As with most things in life, volunteers give of their valuable time so that the rest of us can have events like this. Its so appreciated, its an amazing event and we’ll be back again this year. Its so important that we remember and recognise how much was sacrificed so that we live the way we do today, thank you.”


Melissa J.

“Thank you to the wonderful Armistice team who run such a fabulous event every year. We always feel really welcome and our entire crew love promoting our sport of Airsoft to the public and encouraging new people to give it a go. The location is fantastic, the variety of activities, displays and re-enactments certainly keeps us entertained. This event is the highlight of our year, and our local Waikato & BOP based clubs always gets a significant increase in new people coming out to play after this event. It’s awesome, and well worth attending!”

Glencora P.

Apocalypse Airsoft

“Great show, looking forward to this year. I am bringing down a van full!”

Shane A.

Trade in Military